We are digital craftsmen!

In the olden days, the term ‘craft’ signified as a general category for activity that required particular skills in manual technology to create things by hand. At that time, ‘craftsman’ was considered as someone who made pottery or sewed clothes. Nowadays, in post-industrial age, the concept has greatly extended. With the development of technology, we are capable of applying digital skills  and aesthetics in making a product. ‘Craft’ now consists of using modern digital technology like drones to make videos, computer to create animation, new aesthetics of glitch art and publish them on different social mediums.

So YES WE ARE CRAFTSMAN. Anyone with a technological equipment can contribute to doing digital craft.


Craft process today involves both manual and digital technology. This material transformation, however, does not facilitate the activity of making art and craft pretty much. Now that craftwork is bonded with the use of technology, modern craftsman needs to be more creative and imaginative to meet the digital aesthetics criteria.

giphy (5).gif


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