It is no doubt that media has a great impact on our life. Individuals approach to various sources of news everyday. In the past, people used legacy media such as TV, radio and newspapers to keep ourselves up to date with daily news. Nowadays, with the development of Internet, media audience have more options of receiving information via social media. Everything that we know in the world is all thanks to media. That is to say, media is the main news sources.
However, every media outlet has its owners and the ownership of a media outlet influences its reporting and news coverage. Broadcast media can be owned by individuals, group of individuals or government. Each type of ownership has a certain effect on its content but usually, whether a piece of news will be published or not is decided by the media owners. As a result, there has been a controversial issue related to the media industry about the reliability of news. More and more people started to ‘fight’ against media censorship. So the question arises: Is media control positive or negative?
To begin with, as media owners determine which information to become public, it may lead to media bias. Content remediation may lead to misleading understanding or truth twisting. Besides, governments use media as a tool for propaganda. Political parties can censor information to manipulate citizen’s mind. Censoring of information may lead to a wrong image perceived by the public. While media outlets owned by individuals may contribute to a more free and unbiased news, governments usually adjust public news for their own sake.
Nevertheless, media censorship sometimes is for good purpose as well. The first benefit is concealing personal privacy. In fact, there are a broad range of people who witnessed a crime or an incident, their identity can be concealed to protect them from future harm. Additionally, security information can be protected. Without media censorship, confidential information of national defense are easily leaked out, which can cause national security risk. Furthermore, media censorship help avoid unsuitable content to its audience, especially children. Teenagers’ mind is easily affected by what they see on media. An act of violence or sexuality may affect the perception of youngsters. Hence the sensitive images and information media broadcast need to be censored.
Censorship is like a double-edged sword. Although the fact that media censorship leads to the lack of information, in a moral value it can protect audience from harm and chaos.
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