My Online Persona

In this blog, I would like to tell you a bit of a small but important part of my life: my online persona. Let us have a look at it through different platforms:


An extremely prevalent platform in society today with approximately 1,280,000,000 users. Hence this is the most interactive network in the world so far. Taking this advantage, I have been engaged with this platform the most of all and use it as a tool of socializing with others as well as executing my digital media project: making video blogs. With such great number of users, I can easily promote my project to the audience.

IMG_3059.PNG IMG_3058.PNG











This platform used to be my little personal space where I uploaded photos and videos of my meaningful moments with friends. Since I started studying Communication and Media studies, I have realized the importance of having a professional portfolio. Thus recently I have been exploiting it to show my online identity and posting photos for my blog project.



This platform has been used to upload my assignments at university, share learning materials. Besides, it is the place where I express my political viewpoints and catch up with the latest trend or know what is going viral in the society.
In general, my online persona varies on different platforms depending on the function they perform. If there was one thing I like to change about my online persona, it would be focusing on my digital artefact. To do so, I would socialize with more people on the Internet so as to attract them to my page, post stuff relating to my projects such as ideas and plans for my blogs on my Facebook wall and do the same to Instagram and Twitter. In the long run, I would expand my project to more platforms so as to attract as many viewers as possible and ameliorate my social relationship by connecting with other vloggers and individuals who share the same interest.
And that is all of my online persona so far. Let us together wait for the new improvements in the near future!



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