Moving Image Project: Where I’m From

Where I’m From was conveyed from my journey, starting from my hometown in Vietnam to my second home – Australia. To make this video, I used basic camera shots and several visual editing techniques such as Sergei Eisenstein’s methods of montage:

  • Tonal: Color grading was applied in some clips to express emotion.
  • Rhythmic: Reverse motion was used to show a flashback of time.
  • Metric: Length of clips was adjusted to match the soundtrack’s rhythm.
  • Intellectual: Shots were used strategically to simultaneously convey the meaning of nostalgia and happiness for the future.
  • Overtonal: a combination of Metric, Rhythmic and Tonal montage.

I shot the video using the aspect ratio of 2.59:1 (Cinerama) with the frame rate of 24 fps to make the video look more cinematic. Besides, I exploited some camera hacks below:

  • Filming from the low angle to make the surrounding world look more epic and bigger.
  • Using a tripod most of the time to eliminate all unnecessary shakes.
  • In terms of creating the flow of the piece, I started my clip when something had already been doing and finished it before it stopped and flowed really nicely into the next shot. In other words, I jumped right into the action and finished the shot before the action ends.

Regarding the sound, I recorded it separately using my recorder to show the realistic ambient sound and movement.

Throughout the video, I would like to show the change of my originality, from my homeland in Vietnam to my new home in Australia and my experience during this trip. The piece not only showed my journey but also my passion for backpacking, which plays an important role in my own world. The soundtrack was utilized to evoke nostalgia and my enthusiasm for the future ahead.


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