iOS vs. Android: walled garden vs. generative platform

Nowadays, Apple and Google are the two biggest companies holding the highest share of the mobile phone market. In 2007, iPhone – the first smartphone of Apple- was invented, followed by a series of successful products. HTC Dream was the first Android phone ever invented by Google.

The two companies operate opposing operation system. iOS of Apple is deemed to be a walled garden where the company gains full control over the platform, content and developers. On the other hand, Android is made as an open source, where users have free control over the platform. Apple company’s income relies on huge profit on each sale of the products and exclusive services on iOS while Google earns profit on long tail effect.

Despite the differences, both Apple and Google create products that are gradually changing our life. To me, no product is better than the other, each functions in a distinct system that suits people’s differing interests and demand. If you are satisfied with a fully set-up feature platform that promotes convenience, then Apple iPhone is a better choice. If you prefer the freedom of control, then go with Google Android phone.

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