Hacking: good or bad and what evaluates that?

In this digital age, the phenomena of hacking is no longer a strange phenomenon. It is an attempt to access or control a computer network system for a certain purpose, whether for good or bad. Hacker is a person with high skills in computer and performs hacking. In mainstream media, hackers are frequently stereotyped as a negative connotation – cyber crimes. In fact, there are 3 types of hackers: black hat, white hat and grey hat. Black-hat hackers are criminals of the online world who violate computer security for personal benefit; white hats are ethical hackers who work to protect systems; grey hats look for security holes and report them to the owner. The question arises here: What evaluates and categorize these hackers?

The most famous (and infamous) hacking organization on the Internet at the moment is Anonymous – an associated international network of hacktivists. They are known for attacking websites of governments and many corporations around the world. Many people consider them to be outlaws, but are they?

In fact, there have been many times when these vigilantes play hero and bust the bad guys. Evidently, they fought for LGBT rights in Ugandaclosed down child pornography websites and recently Anonymous hacktivists launch  ‘Biggest operation ever’ against ISIS.

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The boundary between a good and bad hacker is quite blurry when it comes to ethical values. And you, what values do you think determine a good and a bad hacker?


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  1. Hey ! This blog post is sick, really informative the whole way through and using Anonymous as the case study was super effective. Your explanation of the different types of hackers (hats) was heaps good and i like how you contrast the difference between a good and a bad hacker/hacking organisation. The difference between good and bad can be defined as a moral high ground (with what is right and should be known to everyone) and a push for individual gain (money, objects, fame), this i believe defines good and bad hackers. Take for example Wikileaks, a group defined by releasing information to the public no matter the oppressors, Assange and his members embody the meaning of good hackers in my opinion.

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  2. Hey! really informative post – different categories of hackers is something I didn’t know about, but you explained it really well! I think hacking can be such a double edged sword – because while many hackers, especially the large scale mainstream hackers, claim it’s done for the sake of public good – at what point does it become no longer a public service and turn into a public nuisance? If it results in higher regulation and stricter surveillance, are they doing us a service? I think it’s interesting to consider the scale were help turns to hindrance, what do you think?

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