Control everything via the Internet with Arduino

With the advance of technology today, everything can be accessed and controlled by the Internet and I actually mean it. The term ‘internet of things’, also known as IoT,  means “physical objects connecting to the Internet” (Mitew 2017). And Arduino makes this possible. It is an open-source electronics platform enabling users to create their own IoT objects that can sense and control objects in the physical world via an Android phone.

With Arduino, you can control the lights in your house, turn on and off any TV wherever you go or as casual as making a cup of coffee with a coffee machine remotely. Pretty much any digital objects can be connected and are bounded only by your imagination. The slogan is: “If you can think of it — the Arduino can do it”.


Featured Image Source


Mitew, T 2017, ‘The internet of things’, Prezi slides, 21 July, Wollongong University, viewed 18 October 2017, <>.



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