Group Game Individual Contributions

During the past two weeks, my teammates and I were working on our game prototype called ‘Dice Island’ and we have successfully designed narratives and mechanics of the game. Eventually, our game prototype was presented before the whole class this week. During the preparation for the group game pitch, my fellow classmates and I decided to assign each other in distinct roles in contributing to the presentation according to our differing skills.

Regarding the game, our game prototype is heavily influenced by Machi Koro, which I and my teammates played in week 3. When it comes to my contribution to the game itself, I have come up with many ideas for the theme, storyline and the mechanics of the game, which later helped the whole team to design a thorough, yet cohesive, narrative and mechanics of the game. Moreover, my fellow teammate Eric and I have collaborated to design cards for the game, which is shown in the following image:

dice-island-card-chart (1).jpg

Regarding the presentation, my fellow classmate Alex helped the team to prepare the slides and he was voted to be the spokesperson for the pitch as he had the best public speaking skills amongst us, which would help deliver detailed and thorough information about our game to the class. At the same time, other teammates and I were working on writing the content for the slides. The whole team worked collaboratively to finalize our ideas for the game, including theme, rules, card systems and mechanics. More information related to our presentation can be found here.

Besides, during the process of brainstorming ideas for designing our game’s cards, I have come up with some brilliant ideas that would be helpful to my individual game project, which will be demonstrated in the upcoming blogs. Stay updated!




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