Individual Game: Initial ideas

From this week forward, I am going to work on creating a game of MY OWN! In this week’s blog, I will brainstorm several ideas that I have drawn from what I learned during the process of preparing for our group’s game presentation last week.

During week 7 seminar, I was engaged in executing a brainstorming exercise facilitated by Richard Hall, which allowed me to develop brief ideas for my individual game in a short period of time. I have come up with three ideas for my individual game and the theme surrounds various mythologies around the world.

The first idea was a board game where players have to build up their village by moving around collecting resources. This idea is influenced by the game that I analyzed before – Machi Koro.

The second idea that I came up with was a card-based game where players have a number of cards from the shuffled deck of cards. Each card illustrates a character such as a hero or a monster, with each denomination assigned a point value and ability. Players use their cards to attack each other and the first one to have no cards left wins. This initiative is based on the popular trading card game YuGiOh!

The final idea was a card-involved board game where each player starts as a hero on a journey to fight demons by building up their items and strength. This idea is heavily influenced by video game series Diablo and fantasy tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons.

In fact, I have always had a thing for the fantasy-and-mythology-based theme since I was a little kid when I spent hundreds of hours on playing MU Online, a medieval fantasy MMORPG, and the famous video game franchise God of War. At the same time, I was inspired by the storyline of warriors fighting against devils on a journey from being an ordinary human to a legendary hero, especially from mythological heroes like Hercules or Perseus, which were showcased in famous movies like Hercules or Clash Of The Titans. Therefore, I decided to create a game based on mythological myths. For this reason, I choose the final idea as my foundation in making my own game.


   God of War video game


     MU Online Game 





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