Individual Game: Finalisation

Following the individual game prototype last week, I am going to finalize my project this week before submitting the individual game dossiers. Here is the final iteration of the rule set of Stairway to Hell:

Game description:

‘Welcome to the City of Eden – the land of the legends and magical creatures, where man, wizards, elves and orcs live peacefully together’

You have been chosen to be the ultimate hero of your kind. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, your world is on the edge of extinction due to the rise of the evil forces reigned by the Great Devil – Hades. All the devils are scattering around the world attempting to conquer the City of Eden. The burden is on your shoulder and you as a hero need to represent your race of creatures to go on the sacred mission: to defeat the final boss – Hades and save your world. Joining you on the journey are other heroes who represent their own kind. A tough situation occurs when every hero wants to defeat the Great Devil to bring honor to their own race and dominate the four races.

Armed yourself with weapons, cuirasses, shields and many precious gems and jewels that will boost your power, you must kill the demons on the way and defeat Hades the first to bring pride to your kind and rule the City. Just make sure not to let other heroes stand in your way!

Game concept:

You are a hero representing your race of creatures and your mission is to defeat the devils to help save your world.

Game structure:

There are 4 classes of heroes for players to choose from: Warrior, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf and Shaman. Each hero possesses different strength and ability. Heroes can be upgraded.

There are 5 maps according to their level of difficulty, respectively: The city of Eden, the Dark Wood, the Frozen River, the Ancient Tunnel and the Dark Dungeon (the Underworld). In each map, there are demons, bosses, portal and regeneration area. The strength of demons and bosses increase when you move to the higher-level map. Killing demons will give you the experience to buy items. Killing bosses will give you special items, gems or jewels to upgrade your hero class, ability or strength. In each map stands one or two Lazarus pits where you can regenerate your health to the maximum.

IMG_8856 2.JPG

The 5 boards a.k.a maps of Stairway to Hell


You need to go through all maps and defeat the final boss at the final map while still surviving to win the game.


– 6-sided dice x1

– Boards x5

– Hero Cards x4

– Upgraded Hero Cards x4

– Weapon Cards x20

– Set Cards x20

– Shield Cards x20

– Ring Cards x4

– Gem Cards x4

– Holy Ring Cards x4

– Jewel Cards (Bless, Soul, Life, Creation, Chaos) x25

– Special Item Cards x12

– Experience Cards (currency)- include different value cards: 1 exp, 2 exp, 5 exp, 10 exp, 20 exp, 50 exp, 100 exp, 200 exp, 500 exp.

– Demons x61

– Bosses x18

– Regeneration Areas x10


– You have to keep your movement consistent, e.g. if you roll 3 you have to hop 3 spaces to one direction, either left or right, up or down.

– When you roll to a space farther than the final space – portal, you can stop there or move to the previous/next map.

– After you roll a dice and move forward to a space, you must perform attacking. If you move backward, you don’t have to attack, and you cannot regenerate at the Lazarus pit when you move backwards.

– You must stop moving forward when you encounter a boss, even if you still are moving according to the dice. (you don’t stop when you move backward)


– Every player starts at the central point in the first map – the City of Eden with nothing in thei hands.

– Players roll the dice to determine who goes first, then roll the dice to move to other spaces and attack demons.


– To kill the demon, your damage point must be higher than demon’s hitpoints (HP). Afterwards, if your armor point is higher than demons’ damage point, you will not lose any HP. Otherwise, you will lose HP according to the remaining point after subtracting your armor point from demon’s damage point.

– When two players move to the same space or in their attack range, they can choose to kill the other one (+armour effect). If they cannot kill each other in one turn, they have to move to other spaces with HP lost  (both the attacker and the defender).

– If you can kill the other, you can earn half of their currently owned experience and 1 gem/jewel of each kind (provided they have any left)

– Players who die will respawn in the village, lose half of their current experience, have their ring destroyed and lose their next 3 turns. 

– If you can kill the demon, you earn experience or jewel and lose HP (+armour effect).

– If you cannot kill the demon, you lose HP (-armour effect).

– You have to show every resource you have before other players.


Example of cards available in Stairway to Hell



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