Research Reflection

I am conducting a research project on Language Barrier within classrooms at Australian universities for BCM212: Understanding Research Practice. This project has significantly helped me to understand the process of professional research.

First of all, by conducting this project, I have learned the skills needed to conduct a research as a professional, rather than a university student. In professional research, I realize that research design is important in attracting participants. Secondly, professional research has taught me valuable skills about time management and risk management. Specifically, I have learned how to create a professional schedule illustrating the tasks needed to execute and the deadline for each of them, which help me carry out the research efficiently.

Furthermore, during the process of data collection, I have learned how to get participants to engage in the research while maintaining ethical standards for the project. I recognize that t is not always easy to encourage someone to comfortably reveal their opinions and feelings about an issue that they are facing in public. By learning about the importance of a consent form, I have provided the participants the great opportunity to take part in doing the survey while still feeling comfortable and secured.

Secondly, I learned how to use the data provided by the participants from a survey to analyze the impacts of the issue that I am researching. Therefore, I have successfully come up with possible solutions to tackle the issue.

Last but not least, I have learned that background research from the data available on the internet would be crucial to support my ideas about the research topic as the reliable sources. Besides, it also reinforces my point of views provided in the research.

Since this has been my very first professional research project, I realize there still are many flaws in the execution of the process. In fact, these flaws would be very useful to me as I can improve my future project upon them.




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